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Reebok 18K SicKick 4 Grip Composite Stick
  • Intermediate (Reebok 18K SicKick 4 Grip Composite Stick)
  • Backhand View (Reebok 18K SicKick 4 Grip Composite Stick)
  • Matte Finish On Bottom Half Of Shaft (Reebok 18K SicKick 4 Grip Composite Stick)
  • Grip Coating For Added Hand Control (Reebok 18K SicKick 4 Grip Composite Stick)
  • Blade View (Reebok 18K SicKick 4 Grip Composite Stick)

Reebok 18K SicKick 4 Grip Composite Stick

2013 | 10252-31
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  • Dual Matrix II™ for a hyper release
  • Accublade makes the blade stiffer for better puck control
  • Half Grip and half matte shaft



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Shaft Design:Dual Grip TechnologyShape of the shaft edge.


Continuing the rich tradition of the SicKick Line is the Reebok 18K SicKick 4 Grip Composite Stick. Although the 18K has a few different design features, it still holds its own against the top-dawg 20K Stick.

The 18K has a one-piece, fused construction with a slightly higher fuse point than traditional Reebok sticks. This design element increases the twist resistance in the shaft and gives you more stability when taking hard shots, while at the same time still giving you the quick release SicKicks are known for.

Whether you’re a sniper or a heavy-hitter from the point, you’ll love the 18K. With the same Dual Matrix II™ technology borrowed from the 20K, the 18K really shines. Dual Matrix II™ is a carbon fiber construction that angles the fibers on the backhand of the shaft at 45 degrees, while on the forehand the fibers are angled at 90 degrees. This causes some sibling rivalry and a lot of tension between the two. This tension, plus the lowest kick point found in any stick on the market, creates a slingshot-like effect for an absolute hyper release. This stick basically thinks for itself so that you can just snipe all game long.

Borrowing again from the 20K, the blade of the 18K is equipped with Reebok’s AccuBlade Technology. This technology creates a blade that becomes progressively stiffer from the heel to the toe and practically eliminates deflections from passing or stickhandling.

Dual Grip design gives you the best of both. A matte finish lines the bottom half of the shaft and allows your hands to move freely and quickly when needed, while the top half of the shaft is coated with Reebok’s Griptonite coating, which provides the perfect amount of grip and allows for more precise control when needed.

In the 18K SicKick 4 Grip Composite Stick, you’re getting a premium, near top-of-the-line package that gives you all the tools to get out there and get it done.


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Reebok Blade Chart
Blade Pattern Usage Lie Curve Toe
P87A Crosby  Quick release for maximum shooting accuracy. 5.5 Mid Round
P38 Datsyuk The all-in-one.  Accurate passing, good control and a hard shot. 6 Mid heel Square
P42 Duchene Shallow pocket offers ultimate control and a strong shot. 5 Mid heel Round
P36A Phaneuf Heel curve with an open face makes this our most powerful pattern. 5.5 Heel Round
P40 Hedman Quick release for maximum shooting accuracy. 5.5 Mid Round
P46 Bergeron Reebok's deepest curve provides power and lift. 5.5 Mid Round