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Easton Mako M5 Shoulder Pads
  • Junior (Easton Mako M5 Shoulder Pads)
  • Front View (Easton Mako M5 Shoulder Pads)
  • Back View (Easton Mako M5 Shoulder Pads)
  • Side Strap (Easton Mako M5 Shoulder Pads)
  • Foam Shoulder Caps (Easton Mako M5 Shoulder Pads)
  • Adjustable HDPE Bicep Protectors (Easton Mako M5 Shoulder Pads)
  • Conic Body Construction Improves Movement (Easton Mako M5 Shoulder Pads)

Easton Mako M5 Shoulder Pads

2013 | 11602-21
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  • Front closure system
  • HD Foam shoulder caps add great protection
  • Natural movement provided by conic body construction


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Weight:681 GramsWeight of the product measured in grams (Sr Med, Jr Med, Yth Med).
Removable Stomach Pad:NoDoes it have a removable stomach pad?
Sternum Plate:HD FoamProtective material covering the sternum.
Spine Protection:HD FoamProtective material covering the spine.
Biceps:Segmented Adjustable HDPEType of design and/or protective padding of the bicep.
Shoulder Cap:Molded HD FoamType of design and/or protective padding of the shoulder cap.
Liner:HD FoamMaterial that lines the interior of the product.
Warranty:90 DaysPeriod of time the product is covered under a manufacturer's warranty.


It is amazing what a front closure system can do for a pad's fit and for your body movement.  The Mako M5 provides you with the same closure system as the Easton Mako top shoulder pads but at a more valuable price.

Mako's front closure system makes it much easier to strap on your shoulder pads before games, and even simpler to take them off after games. 

The segmented FRM (Free Range of Motion) adjustable bicep protection is constructed using HDPE Foam, giving you maximum protection while allowing you to move to the best of your abilities.  Top protection is no longer sacrificed to allow proper body movement.

The shoulder caps are made from molded HD Foam, adding to the top level of protection.  Both the biceps and shoulders are constructed separately, better contouring to your body.




Size Small Medium Large X - Large
Height (in) 4'10"- 5'6" 5'4"- 6'0" 5'8"- 6'4" 6'0" +
Chest Circumference (in) 32"- 34" 38"- 42" 40"- 42" 42"- 44"
Size X-Small Small Medium Large
Height (in) 3'4"- 4'0" 3'4"- 4'0" 3'4"- 4'0" 4'0"- 4'10"
Chest Circumference (in) 20"- 22" 22"- 24" 24"- 28" 28"- 30"