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Easton Mako M3 Elbow Pads
  • Senior (Easton Mako M3 Elbow Pads)
  • Side View (Easton Mako M3 Elbow Pads)
  • Side View (Easton Mako M3 Elbow Pads)
  • Anti-Microbial Liner Keeps Excess Moisture Away (Easton Mako M3 Elbow Pads)
  • Three Straps Give A Snug Fit (Easton Mako M3 Elbow Pads)
  • Molded Foam Keeps You Well Protected (Easton Mako M3 Elbow Pads)
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Easton Mako M3 Elbow Pads

2013 | 11604-41



Weight:245 GramsWeight of a single elbow pad measured in grams (Med).
# of Pieces:TwoNumber of flex points designed into the product.
Cap:Molded Plastic InsertsType of protective cap.
Liner:Anti-MicrobialType of inner liner material.
# of Straps:ThreeNumber of straps used to keep the product in place during use.
Bicep:Floating Molded FoamType of design and/or protective padding covering the bicep.
Forearm:Molded FoamType of design and/or protective padding covering the forearm.
Warranty:90 DaysPeriod of time the product is covered under the manufacturer's warranty.


The Mako series of pads is designed with one philosophy in mind; give you the best possible freedom of movement within the pads.  Even on the low-end of the scale, the Mako M3 Elbow Pads give you that freedom.

Much like the top-end Makos, the M3s have foam that better moves with your natural movements, allowing you to move your arms with ease.  Pads can be very restricting but the M3s keep you moving at your pace.

The forearm is covered with molded foam, allowing for great protection from slashes.

Keep a few bills in your wallet but still get that great Mako protection.