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Easton Mako M3 II Composite Stick
  • Senior (Easton Mako M3 II Composite Stick)
  • Full View (Easton Mako M3 II Composite Stick)
  • Ultra Thin Taper (Easton Mako M3 II Composite Stick)
  • Textured Shaft Contours To Your Fingers (Easton Mako M3 II Composite Stick)
  • Different Graphics On Each Side Of Stick (Easton Mako M3 II Composite Stick)
  • Blade Chart (Easton Mako M3 II Composite Stick)
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Easton Mako M3 II Composite Stick

2013 | 11634-41


  • Ultra-thin taper allows great flex for shots
  • Multi-Rib and Micro-Bladder blade is stiff and light
  • Textured shaft contours to your palms and fingers


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Weight:463 GramsWeight of the product measured in grams.
Length:60 InchesLength of the product measured in inches.
Construction Material:3K Woven CarbonType of material the product is made of.
Kick Point Position:LowInflection point where maximum stored energy is released.
Shaft Design:TexturedShape of the shaft edge.
Blade Construction:Multi-Rib, Micro-Bladder CompositeType of material the blade is made of.
Tapered:YesShaft width gets thinner towards the blade
Warranty:30 DaysPeriod of time the product is covered under a manufacturer's warranty.


The Easton Mako M3 II offers you a lot of the same control and power that the top-end Mako II will, but at a fraction of the cost. 

This includes the Micro-Bladder, Multi-Rib blade construction, which keeps the weight of the blade low with thin fibers while the stiffness remains at a high level.  This will allow the stick to take abuse and neglect but stay strong throughout any game situation.

Another great feature shared by the Mako II and the M3 is the texturing of the shaft.  Contoured for the fingers and the palm, the shaft is easy to grip and gives you a more natural feel when skating with the puck.  No longer will the stick slow down your hands.

The M3 is manufactured with 3K woven carbon, making the entire stick durable from top to bottom.  The stick also includes an ultra-thin taper and a low kick point, assisting you in whipping shots to the net with strength and alarm.