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Miken MV-3 Pro Composite Stick
  • Miken MV-3 Pro Composite Stick (Miken MV-3 Pro Composite Stick)
  • Biaxial Continuous Fiber Technology For Torque (Miken MV-3 Pro Composite Stick)
  • Flat Matte Finish For Smooth Grip On The Shaft (Miken MV-3 Pro Composite Stick)
  • True One Piece Construction (Miken MV-3 Pro Composite Stick)
  • Foam Core Blade Reduces Weight (Miken MV-3 Pro Composite Stick)
  • Blade Patterns (Miken MV-3 Pro Composite Stick)
  • Blade Chart (Miken MV-3 Pro Composite Stick)
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Miken MV-3 Pro Composite Stick

2011 | 5872-41


  • New precision blade fiber alignment
  • Perimeter reinforcement prevents blade
  • Made in the USA




Weight:444 GramsWeight of the product measured in grams.
Length:60 InchesLength of the product measured in inches.
Construction Material:R900 Aerospace carbon fiberType of material the product is made of.
Kick Point Position:LowInflection point where maximum stored energy is released.
Shaft Design:Straight edge with rounded cornersShape of the shaft edge.
Blade Construction:Carbon composite weeve with foam coreType of material the blade is made of.
Tapered:YesShaft width gets thinner towards the blade
Warranty:30 DaysPeriod of time the product is covered under a manufacturer's warranty.


The MV-3 Pro Series was developed to the exact specifications of Miken's pro players and has proven to take their game to the next level. By combining the highest grade aerospace carbon fiber, the industry's toughest resin system and patented construction processes and you have an explosive durable formula never seen on the ice.

  • Engineered to the specifications of elite athletes and proven to elevate their level of play
  • Patented Biaxial "continuous fiber" technology maximizes energy transfer and torque
  • Constructed of the highest grade R900 aerospace carbon fiber and the industry's toughest resin system delivers extremely durable high performance
  • True one piece construction with no "start and stop" in materials produces superior feel and responsiveness for lightning release
  • Tapered shaft with low kick point proven to increase accuracy and shot release
  • 100% Carbon fiber blade with layered angles improves strength and resists blade torque
  • Foam core blade reduces weight, improves durability and helps provide a solid feel
  • Compression molding process provides excellent lamination of foam and composite layers offers a consistent feel and performance
  • Flat matte finish provides smooth grip to the shaft
  • Made in the Minnesota, USA
  • 30 Day Manufacturer's Warranty



Warrior Blade Chart
Blade Pattern Size Lie Depth Curve Face
Pro BP 12
Jr / Int /Sr
5.5 1/2" Deep
Mid Curve
Pro BP 19 Jr / Int /Sr 5.5 1/2" Deeo Mid Curve
Slightly Open
Pro BP 23 Jr / Int /Sr 5.5 1/2" Deep
Heel Very Open
Pro BP 40 Jr / Int /Sr 5 3/8" Shallow
Mid Heel Closed