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Easton EQ40 Grip Composite Stick
  • Intermediate (Easton EQ40 Grip Composite Stick)
  • Full View (Easton EQ40 Grip Composite Stick)
  • Hybrid Kevlar Wrapped Shaft (Easton EQ40 Grip Composite Stick)
  • Easton Synergy Design (Easton EQ40 Grip Composite Stick)
  • Grip Coating For Added Hand Control (Easton EQ40 Grip Composite Stick)
  • Multi-rib And Micro-bladder Blade Construction (Easton EQ40 Grip Composite Stick)
  • Focus Weight Technology Provides Superb Balance (Easton EQ40 Grip Composite Stick)
  • Blade Pattern Chart - Specific Patterns Apply (Easton EQ40 Grip Composite Stick)
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Easton EQ40 Grip Composite Stick

2011 | 6608-31


  • FWT technology
  • 15 Gr. of weights to adjust
  • Balanced stick




Weight:499 GramsWeight of the product measured in grams.
Length:57 InchesLength of the product measured in inches.
Construction Material:Kevlar Wrapped CompositeType of material the product is made of.
Kick Point Position:Mid-LowInflection point where maximum stored energy is released.
Shaft Design:Rounded Edge; Concave SideShape of the shaft edge.
Blade Construction:Multi-Rib & Multi-BladderType of material the blade is made of.
Tapered:SlightlyShaft width gets thinner towards the blade
Warranty:30 DaysPeriod of time the product is covered under a manufacturer's warranty.


Control the game with the Easton Synergy EQ40 Composite Hockey Stick. Featuring innovative Focus Weight Technology that breaks free from traditional thinking of stick design and gives you a supremely balanced stick with a supernatural feel for the game.

What is Focus Weight Technology (FWT)?

Focus Weight Technology provides a small amount of weight to key points in the blade to provide improved balance and puck feel.

Focus Weight Technology improves your game in 3 key areas:

Control: 10 grams of added weight in the blade gives you a feeling of knowing exactly where your blade is at all times, which gives you more control over stick movements both with and without the puck. 

Passing: FWT redistributes and focuses weight inside the ultra-light blade, which not only helps you know where your blade is on the ice, but also helps you receive tough passes by giving you some mass behind your stick movements.

Shooting: With added weight comes added power. FWT delivers more power and velocity to your shot by adding mass that focuses the maximum power point to the sweet spot of the blade.

Other Features:

  • Unique use of  Focus Weight Technology adds 10 grams to the blade
  • A small amount of added weight exponentially adds more power and velocity to your shot
  • Hybrid Kevlar® wrapped shaft for impact protection and vibration dampening
  • Multi-rib and Micro-bladder blade construction further enhances puck feel
  • Time-tested Easton Synergy design gives you confidence in knowing its durability and high-performance potential
  • 30 Day Manufacturer's Warranty




Pattern Size Lie Depth Curve Face Toe
P3 Hall SR/INT 5.5 1/2" Mid Open Round
JR 4.5 1/2" Mid Open Round
P4 Zetterberg SR/INT 5 3/8" Mid-Heel Closed Round
P5 Getzlaf SR/INT 5.5 1/2" Heel Open Square
P6 Parise SR/INT 5.5 1/2" Heel Open Round
JR 5 1/2" Heel Open Round
P7 Iginla SR/INT 5.5 1/2" Mid Closed Rounded/Square
JR 4.5 1/2" Mid Closed Rounded/Square
YTH 3 1/2" Mid Closed Rounded/Square
P9 Heatley SR/INT 5 1/2" Mid Closed Rounded/Square
JR 4 1/2" Mid Closed Rounded/Square
YTH 3 3/8" Mid Closed Rounded/Square
P33 Chara SR 5 3/4" Mid Closed Round