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Bauer Re-AKT Helmet Combo
  • Red (Bauer Re-AKT Helmet Combo)
  • Bauers Best Helmet On Their Line (Bauer Re-AKT Helmet Combo)
  • Tool Free Adjustment (Bauer Re-AKT Helmet Combo)
  • Helmet Features PORON® XRD (Bauer Re-AKT Helmet Combo)
  • Helmet Features PORON® XRD (Bauer Re-AKT Helmet Combo)
  • Helmet Features PORON® XRD (Bauer Re-AKT Helmet Combo)
  • Helmet Features PORON® XRD (Bauer Re-AKT Helmet Combo)
  • Latest in Comfort, Style, And Protection (Bauer Re-AKT Helmet Combo)
  • Suspend-Liner Prevents Dangerous Head Movements (Bauer Re-AKT Helmet Combo)
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Bauer Re-AKT Helmet Combo

2013 | 8755-2
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  • Suspend-Tech liner to prevents the head from moving during impact
  • Vertex foam is lighter and more breathable
  • Optical 3.0 lock to fit the padding directly to your head during size adjustment




Weight:760 GramsWeight of the product measured in grams (Medium).
Padding:Vertex Foam LinerType of internal padding.
Liner:Suspend-Tech LinerType of inner liner material.
Adjustable Length:YesAbility for length-wise size adjustments.
Tool Free Adjustability:YesAbility for tool-free size adjustments.
Cage Type/Color:Oval Titanium / SilverType and color of cage.
Helmet Certifications:CSA, HECC, CECertifications held by the product.
Warranty:1 YearPeriod of time the product is covered under manufacturer's warranty.


The Bauer Re-Akt helmet has taken the top spot over the 9900 helmet but takes on the more sleek look of the 4500 helmet to become Bauer's best helmet on their line. Bauer has added upgraded features such as a suspended liner, advanced foams, and new size adjustment system that just add more levels of features and protection when compared to any other helmet.

The Bauer Re-Akt helmet has a Suspend-Tech Liner system which means when the helmet takes an impact from any angle the suspended liner stays with the head to keep the pads in the proper place where they can do their job. While the suspend liner stays with the head the shell and interior liner of the helmet rotate to absorb and deflect the impact. By the Re-Akt helmet taking on it's literal name and reacting to the hit, this greatly reduces the brain from excess movement that can be very dangerous. 

The Re-Akt helmet also features PORON® XRD™, this foam is very lightweight, flexible, breathable, and dissolves any serious force on impact. The use of PORON® XRD™ and Suspend-Tech liner are used in the two key areas of the helmet that receive the most impact, for the other parts of the helmet that is not proven to take majority of the impact Bauer used Vertex foam. When compared Vertex foam has the same density as EPP foam but is lighter and provides improved impact protection.

Bauer still offers the same tool free adjustment but this time they changed it up a bit. The Re-Akt now has a 3.0 Optical Lock that is a single adjustment located on the center back of the helmet. To use you just lift up the tap and slide the adjustment piece to fit your noggin and you’re ready to go. Also for comfort Bauer uses memory foam like padding that fits snugly to the head while providing optimum comfort. Lastly, for the stink Bauer installed Microban® antibacterial protection to resist odors and mildew.

You’ll enjoy the latest comfort, style, and protection with the Bauer Re-Akt helmet. The game of hockey is quick, you have to on top of your game and so does your equipment, and the Re-Akt helmet does just that.



Bauer RE-AKT Helmet
Size Small Medium Large
Head Circumference (in) 20.4" - 22.4" 22.2" - 23.6" 23.6" - 25.2"