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Graf Supra 535S Ice Skates
  • Regular (Graf Supra 535S Ice Skates)
  • Side View (Graf Supra 535S Ice Skates)
  • Side View (Graf Supra 535S Ice Skates)
  • Back View (Graf Supra 535S Ice Skates)
  • Back Close Up (Graf Supra 535S Ice Skates)
  • Tongue Inside (Graf Supra 535S Ice Skates)
  • Tongue Outside (Graf Supra 535S Ice Skates)
  • Toe Cap (Graf Supra 535S Ice Skates)
  • Tendon Guard (Graf Supra 535S Ice Skates)
  • Liner (Graf Supra 535S Ice Skates)
  • Blade (Graf Supra 535S Ice Skates)
  • Back Detail (Graf Supra 535S Ice Skates)
  • Outsole (Graf Supra 535S Ice Skates)

Graf Supra 535S Ice Skates

2012 | 8922-21
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  • AirNet liner wicks away moisture
  • Thermolam construction keeps you versatile
  • The ankle and footbed are anatomically formed


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Heat Moldable:YesImproves break-in time.
Holder:AttackType of skate blade holder.
Runner:Stainless SteelType of skate blade.
Boot Construction:XLPE Teclite Pro CompositeType of material the product is primarily made of.
Liner:AirNetType of inner liner material.
Outsole Construction:CompTech ProType of material the outsole is made of.
Footbed:AnatomicalType/Brand of footbed in each boot.
Warranty:Contact ManufacturerPeriod of time the product is covered under a manufacturer's warranty.


The Graf Supra 535S Ice Skates will help bring you better versatility and comfort.  With the Thermolam construction, the boot is heat moldable to better contour to your foot.  Both the footbed and the ankle support are anatomically formed, giving you a custom feel every time you put on the skates.  The heal-lock system will keep your foot in place, allowing you to have a better feel when making sharp turns on the ice.

The XLPE Teclite Mesh surrounds the quarter panels of the boot, giving you pro-level protection in any situation.  The wider grilamid toecap will also add to the skate's protection level. 

The Supra 535S Ice Skates are also extremely lightweight in both its Thermolam construction and in its AirNet lining.  The AirNet keeps the skate durable while also wicking away moisture, keeping some of the odor away while leaving your foot dry during those long games.



US Shoe Size Skate Size
7.5 6.0
8.0 6.5
8.5 7.0
9.0 7.5
9.5 8.0
10.0 8.5
10.5 9.0
11.0 9.5
11.5 10.0
12.0 10.5
12.5 11.0
13.0 11.5
13.5 12.0
US Shoe Size Skate Size
2.0 1.0
2.5 1.5
3.0 2.0
3.5 2.5
4.0 3.0
4.5 3.5
5.0 4.0
5.5 4.5
6.0 5.0
6.5 5.5