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Bauer HDO Pro-Clip Wave Half Shield
  • Clear (Bauer HDO Pro-Clip Wave Half Shield)
  • Smoke (Bauer HDO Pro-Clip Wave Half Shield)
  • Amber (Bauer HDO Pro-Clip Wave Half Shield)

Bauer HDO Pro-Clip Wave Half Shield

2012 | 9243-2
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  • Wave cut aims to provide increased ventilation
  • Protect your eyes from the rigors of the game in a sleek looking visor
  • High definition optics allows you to see the game clearer than ever
  • Tool-less on/off allows you to quickly change out your visor in between shifts
  • Anti-scratch, anti-fog coatings keep your eyes focused on the game


Eye protection.  It's not what it used to be.  With advancements in technology, sleekness in design, and a better understanding of the potential dangers in the game, more and more players are opting for the half shield visor. 

The Bauer HDO Pro Clip Wave Visor enters the fray boasting performance edges that allow it to sit atop the visor game.  Patented High Definition optics sharpen edges and improve depth of field perception, allowing you to see through the visor with enhanced clarity  Likewise, interior anti-fog coating keeps things crystal, while an extra does of anti scratch does the same to the exterior.  All three work in unison to provide a sharp view of the game - no longer will the visor hinder your site.

Wave Cut above the bridge of the nose provides additional ventilation and breathability and gives players a unique look versus the straight cut.  Constructed of high-impact polycarbonate, (read: indestructible) the HDO Pro Visor features a "Quick Click II" technology that allows for tool-less shield replacement. That's right.  No tools required.  Switch out in between shifts.  And with CSA and CE certifications, you know it's safe.