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Hockey Drills for Passing & Receiving
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Hockey Drills for Passing & Receiving



  • 75 drills to help your team become the best they can be
  • Expert instructers give key advice to the game
  • Improve your teams overall look on the ice


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In hockey, the team that has mastered skillful puck movement usually comes out on top. Sharp passing and receiving skills are vital weapons that can consistently carry your team to victory. Hockey Drills for Passing & Receiving provides all the expert instruction you need to get your team passing and receiving the puck like pros.

The book includes 75 drills, many of which can be applied to both in-line and ice hockey. Backed by the sport's premier provider of coach and player instruction, Huron Hockey, Hockey Drills for Passing & Receiving teaches how to develop individual skills and use them within a team concept. In addition to improving puck movement in the offensive zone, the drills also focus on the all-important transition game, where much of the action takes place during a match.

Expert instructors George Gwozdecky and Vern Stenlund provide the key teaching points and practice activities to hone players' abilities to move and keep possession of the puck. Drills within each chapter start basic then increase in difficulty to provide a wide range of challenges and learning situations. Each drill is accompanied by special coaching tips to correct common errors and maximize players' performance.

Any player has the potential to master passing and receiving the puck. With Hockey Drills for Passing & Receiving, you will boast better puck movement than the rest and dominate on the ice.