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Range Roller Pro
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Range Roller Pro



  • Most advanced self-massage therapy roller
  • Grip handle, and also narrow to target specific areas
  • Tigger treads that dig to the deeper muscle rather than just massaging the surface muscle


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Do you ever wish you could have a professional massage to help with bumps, bruises, and sore muscles after long game? The Ranger Roller Pro by Medi-Dyne is the perfect solution, seeing that it is the most advanced self-massage therapy of its kind. A very unique product with a unique design, that helps take away the aches and pains all on your own.

The Range Roller Pro is equipped with what Medi-Dyne calls “trigger treads.” Trigger treads are designed to allow for multi-layer massage therapy. They dig deep down into the muscle unlike traditional rollers, so you’re not only getting the surface muscles but you’re getting deep down into the muscle where more of the problem lies.

The handle of the Range Roller Pro is also uniquely designed. It is a grip handle that is also thin so it is easy to grip and you won’t slip. The whole body of the Range Roller is also lightweight and the handles are made narrow for a specific purpose, which is to target specific areas. When you have a knot or a specific area that you want to point pressure right on it the handle is design to put pressure right where it needs to be.
Experience the future of self-massage therapy and let the Range Roller Pro do what traditional self-massage rollers can’t!