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Bauer Vapor APX2 Pro Gloves
  • Royal/Red/White (Bauer Vapor APX2 Pro Gloves)
  • Ax Suede Quattro + Palm (Bauer Vapor APX2 Pro Gloves)
  • Triple Layer Aerolite Foams (Bauer Vapor APX2 Pro Gloves)
  • 3-Piece Index Finger (Bauer Vapor APX2 Pro Gloves)
  • Ax Suede Quattro + Palm (Bauer Vapor APX2 Pro Gloves)
  • Free Flex Cuff (Bauer Vapor APX2 Pro Gloves)
  • Free Flex Cuff (Bauer Vapor APX2 Pro Gloves)
  • Thermo Max Liner (Bauer Vapor APX2 Pro Gloves)
  • Black (Bauer Vapor APX2 Pro Gloves)
  • Black/Gold (Bauer Vapor APX2 Pro Gloves)
  • Black/Orange (Bauer Vapor APX2 Pro Gloves)
  • Black/Red (Bauer Vapor APX2 Pro Gloves)
  • Black/White (Bauer Vapor APX2 Pro Gloves)
  • Navy (Bauer Vapor APX2 Pro Gloves)
  • Navy/Gold (Bauer Vapor APX2 Pro Gloves)
  • Navy/Red/White (Bauer Vapor APX2 Pro Gloves)
  • Red (Bauer Vapor APX2 Pro Gloves)
  • Royal (Bauer Vapor APX2 Pro Gloves)
  •  (Bauer Vapor APX2 Pro Gloves)

Bauer Vapor APX2 Pro Gloves

2014 | 15006-41
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  • Designed with feedback from pro players and equipment managers
  • Provides pro-level protection and comfort
  • 37.5 technology better manages moisture build-up



Weight:326 GramsWeight of a single glove measured in grams (Sr 14", Jr 12", Yth 9").
Shell Material:Pro Nylon Mesh + Cable MeshType of material covering the exterior of the product.
Palm Material:Ax Suede Quattro +Type of material used to cover the palm.
Finger Joints:Three-Piece Index; Two-Piece OthersNumber of flex points per finger.
Liner:Thermo Max & 37.5 TechnologyType of inner liner material.
Padding:Dual Density & Poly InsertsType of padding throughout the product.
Warranty:90 DaysPeriod of time the product is covered under a manufacturer's warranty.


The damage that The Thing from the Fantastic 4 instills can be brutal. As mighty as he is, he can be sure that his hands are impenetrable with everlasting protection. Although this power is maybe too much for one man, Bauer has done its best to replicate the protection he receives with the creation of the APX2 Pro Gloves.

Bauer has designed and manufactured the APX2 Pro Gloves purely off of feedback from professional players and equipment managers around North America. They want a glove that provides enhanced, pro-level protection that doesn't forget about comfort and the proper fit. Just imagine if The Thing could find mittens that fit perfectly; he would likely be much less grouchy.

Using dual-density foams and poly inserts, the APX2 Pros keep you protected from wrist to finger tip. The Poron XRD foam, along with a comfort foam to keep your hands happy, surrounds your backhand for when you penetrate the defense up the middle. The three-piece, free-flex lock thumb and three-piece index finger allow you to grip your stick seemlessly and rip shots or passes as if the gloves aren't covering your hands. To remain constant with protectiveness and comfort, the one-piece, pro-style cuff moves freely from your wrist but blocks the sensitive wrist area.

A tapered fit, these gloves also feature an Ax Suede Quattro + palm that allow you to grip your twig with ease. The Thermo Max liner is accompanied with 37.5 technology, a custom Bauer creation that manages moisture to stay away from your hands so that you can focus on the task at hand.

These gloves can be made to order, so The Thing will likely be inquiring soon about custom creating a 45-inch set of gloves.



Size 13" 14" 15"
Height (in) 5'5" - 5'9" 5'7" - 5'11" 5'9" - 6'1"
*Hand Length (in) 12 - 13 13 - 14 14 - 15
*Instructions: With your palm facing toward you, measure from between your index and middle fingers to the crease between your bicep and forearm. Match the length to your corresponding glove size. Please note, the sizing chart above is an accurate tool, but does not guarantee fit.