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CCM RBZ 110 Shin Guards
  • Junior (CCM RBZ 110 Shin Guards)
  • Front View (CCM RBZ 110 Shin Guards)
  • Side View (CCM RBZ 110 Shin Guards)
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  • Back View (CCM RBZ 110 Shin Guards)
  • Protection For Side Of Leg (CCM RBZ 110 Shin Guards)
  • Knee Cap (CCM RBZ 110 Shin Guards)
  • Shin Protection (CCM RBZ 110 Shin Guards)

CCM RBZ 110 Shin Guards

2014 | 15739-21
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  • Provides lightweight, anatomical, secure fit protection all game long
  • Enhanced range of motion to deke and snipe with ease all game long
  • Air circulation to keep the player comfortable 


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Calf Wrap:YesProtective material that wraps around the back of the calf.
# of Straps:TwoNumber and type of straps used to keep the product in place during use.
Removable Liner:YesLiner that can be removed from the product for cleaning, etc.


Upgraded from the 90s, the RBZ 110 Shin Guards are lightweight while maintaining protection. The added feature of the 110s is the ventilation system installed.

The knee cap has a vented-puck-deflection design. This helps avoid direct impacts while circulating air to keep you comfortable. Circulation will help dry equipment during games to avoid sweat-soaked pads that will weigh you down when on a breakaway. The shin cap has an anatomical shell to maximize strength. The shin cap is also ventilated to increase air circulation.

When tripped, and you fall to your knees, you want to fall on a shin guard with maximum comfort in the liner so you can focus on sniping top shelf and not pain in your knees. The RBZ 110’s liner is lightweight and removable so it can be washed.

Keep slashing painless with the ultimate calf protection. Segmented wrap around protection provides a great line of defense in key slash zones.

The strapping system is always important when purchasing shin guards. You want a reliable strap that will secure your shin guard all game long so you can focus on scoring the big goal instead of fixing your shin guard.