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CCM RBZ 70 LE Composite Stick
  • Nugent-Hopkins (CCM RBZ 70 LE Composite Stick)
  • Full View (CCM RBZ 70 LE Composite Stick)
  • Shaft View (CCM RBZ 70 LE Composite Stick)
  • Shaft View (CCM RBZ 70 LE Composite Stick)
  • Blade Front (CCM RBZ 70 LE Composite Stick)
  • Blade Back (CCM RBZ 70 LE Composite Stick)
  • Blade Chart (CCM RBZ 70 LE Composite Stick)

CCM RBZ 70 LE Composite Stick

2013 | 14011-21
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  • Accented pink color scheme
  • Custom Kick Point
  • Squared shaft profile for Senior; Contoured for Junior/Intermediate
  • Available in Grip


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Construction Material:CompositeType of material the product is made of.
Kick Point Position:Custom Kick PointInflection point where maximum stored energy is released.
Shaft Design:ContouredShape of the shaft edge.
Blade Construction:Extra stiff bladeType of material the blade is made of.
Warranty:30 days - must be done through manufacturerPeriod of time the product is covered under a manufacturer's warranty.


Nothing says unique like pink.

CCM's RBZ 70 Limited Edition Composite Stick features an accent pink color scheme in contrast to the typical accent red color scheme of the RBZ line of sticks. It follows a polished, contemporary design with a dark upper half to contrast the white bottom half. This is accented by a color contoured line pattern that spans the length of the shaft.  The design team at CCM came up with this design to give the advantage to the shooter.  By leaving the lower half white, the stick’s blade is more difficult for a goalie to distinguish from the white ice and boards; conversely, the darker upper half camouflages nicely in your dark-colored peripherals.

The RBZ 70 LE stick's constant stiffness profile throughout the shaft provides a custom kick point which reacts based on the position of the player's bottom hand making it perfect for any type of shot. It sports an extra stiff blade design with a traditional foam core to help preserve blade durability and maintain shot control.

A combination of CCM and TaylorMade technologies—not to mention the unique pink color scheme—put this RBZ stick in a class of its own. Get this limited edition stick for your collection while you can.