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CCM RBZ 90 Shoulder Pads
  •  (CCM RBZ 90 Shoulder Pads)
  •  (CCM RBZ 90 Shoulder Pads)
  •  (CCM RBZ 90 Shoulder Pads)
  •  (CCM RBZ 90 Shoulder Pads)
  •  (CCM RBZ 90 Shoulder Pads)

CCM RBZ 90 Shoulder Pads

2014 | 15639-21
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  • Provides lightweight, anatomical, secure fit protection all game long
  • Enhanced range of motion to deke and snipe with ease all game long
  • Reinforced sternum and spine protection


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Sternum Plate:PE Reinforced Sternum ProtectionProtective material covering the sternum.
Spine Protection:Segmented Spinal Protection with PE reinforcementsProtective material covering the spine.
Biceps:Molded Bicep with PE InsertsType of design and/or protective padding of the bicep.
Shoulder Cap:Low profile cap with molded PEType of design and/or protective padding of the shoulder cap.
Warranty:90 DaysPeriod of time the product is covered under a manufacturer's warranty.


Featured on CCM's RBZ line, the RBZ 90s offer great protection and flexibility. Starting with the chest, PE technology reinforces sternum protection while maintaining a low profile.

Sticking with low profile, PE was molded to decrease bulk in shoulder pads. This also makes these pads extremely lightweight while still offering protection when receiving or giving hits. Additional PE inserts were improved to protect the clavicle and other key impact areas to prevent injuries.

Bicep protection is taken to the elite level with low-profile, molded bicep PE inserts. This provides superior movement for dropping bombs from the point. Flipping around to the back, PE reinforcements are designed to protect the spinal area while enhancing your range of motion. This will help protect you against the big defensemen cross checking you in front of the net while you tip a clapper from the point top shelf.