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CCM Tacks Ice Skates
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CCM Tacks Ice Skates

2014 | 15776-11
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  • Carbon Twill Composite ATTACKFRAME™
  • Vented carbon composite outsole
  • Great for advanced levels of play
  • Formula T6 Pro Core
  • Heat moldable




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Experience the explosiveness of the Tacks Ice Skates from CCM. These skates are top-of-the-line within the Tacks family of ice skates and will provide advanced level players with the means to stay one stride ahead of their opponents.

Let’s start with the construction. A carbon twill composite Attack Frame™ will offer precise and explosive acceleration. Working with the Attack Frame™, the Tacks Ice Skates feature a formula T6 Pro core that will give pro-level support. The integrated Pro EPE foam tongue provides a lightweight fit and comfort while a metatarsal guard will help prevent lace bite. A lightweight composite midsole enhances the blade-to-boot interface.

A SpeedBlade 4.0 holder gives 4.0mm of increased height off the ice for an enhanced angle of attack and a greater turning radius. These skates feature SB Hyper-Glide polished steel runners that reduce on-ice friction for better edging and gliding.

Customize your fit. The Tacks Ice Skates come with Custom Support™ Insoles that supply customized arch support and grant full contact between the foot and the skate, allowing for greater player reaction and enhanced speed on the ice. The durable Clarino liner— with a smooth, contoured design and moisture management system that helps wick away moisture—enhances fit and comfort for high performance. The vented carbon composite outsole has increased torsional rigidity. When combined with a lightweight construction, this helps maximize the energy transfer. The vents on the base of the boot will keep air flowing and keep your feet cool.

Ice hockey is primarily a game of speed.  When one stride can determine a giveaway or a breakaway and change the momentum of an entire game, do yourself a favor: try the Tacks Ice Skates. They will give you that extra edge.

As part of the Legendary 30-Day Guarantee, CCM Tacks Ice Skates can be returned within 30 days of the date of purchase if customers are unsatisfied with their skates.  Valid through the end of 2014.


--Jean-Sebastien Belanger, Product Manager - Skates

The CCM Tacks is back and it is a game-changing skate designed with inspiration from one of the most important performance facets in hockey: explosive acceleration.

Whether it’s the types of materials that were used, or how they were meant to fit and interact with a hockey player’s foot, acceleration drove our innovation.

CCM Tacks features the AttackFrame, which consists of stiff carbon composite reinforcements at specific areas of the boot, targeted at helping you generate power and acceleration. The boot’s structure is meant to react to your body’s movement with optimal energy return when you push off the ice.

Slip your foot into the skate and you will feel the interior edges of the boot fit nicely and comfortably around your foot. Heat the skates to get that perfected wrap of the skate customized to your foot.

To top it off, the Tacks comes with CCM’s premium SpeedBlade Hyper Glide, a polished steel blade, providing players with superior glide on every stride.



US Shoe Size Skate Size
7.5 6.0
8.0 6.5
8.5 7.0
9.0 7.5
9.5 8.0
10.0 8.5
10.5 9.0
11.0 9.5
11.5 10.0
12.0 10.5
12.5 11.0
13.0 11.5
13.5 12.0