Exclusive Hockey Equipment Retailer of USA Hockey

Learn to Play: The Total Hockey Learn To Play hockey program is integral to our Grow the Game initiative to advance the sport of hockey through vital support. We have three guiding principles:

  1. To get needed hockey equipment into the hands of families who are yearning for a dynamic, thoughtful and community-based sport for their children, and who otherwise may not know of or have the opportunity.

  2. To collaborate with dedicated volunteers of sustainable local hockey associations and help offset the clubs cost of necessary resources for them to focus on what they do best – coaching and teaching kids how to play hockey while building character and having fun.

  3. To assure a superior in-store experience for the new players by providing access and personalized fitting of quality starter gear for maximum performance and safety on the ice. With these combined efforts, we believe this will contribute to organic hockey membership growth and retention to sustain not only hockey associations, but create more vibrant hockey communities through family recreation, and elevate a quality hockey experience for life-long joy of the game.

We are in our fourth year of giving hockey equipment to deserving associations in the form of vouchers that are redeemed in our store locations for quality protective gear including helmet with cage, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, pants, shin guards and bag. By assuring new players and families receive superior customer service through personalized gear fittings, Total Hockey’s experienced staff covers the spectrum from the emotional to the practical considerations of hockey–confidence, peace of mind, and knowledge. Discussions focus on understanding the process of well-fitting gear, safety needs, performance and comfort, assuring the best on ice experience for the beginning player. It also sets the foundation for families to have a one-stop resource for all their equipment and advice as they progress in hockey.

For associations who have the sincere desire to maintain growth and sustain for the long-term, Total Hockey can assist by providing equipment donations in partnership, or introduce specially-priced equipment programs, share recruitment and retention ideas to implement and administer in their home community, give families an opportunity to offset club fees through our Breakaway Rewards while also earning discounts on equipment, and deliver ongoing positive customer experiences in store and through our ecommerce site so families are knowledgeable and confident as they continue in hockey.

The Total Hockey Learn To Play program has removed the barrier for thousands of kids to begin playing and to continue in hockey, while shoring up vital resources for community-based hockey organizations to thrive.