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Team Rewards

Total Hockey is proud to offer Team Rewards, a loyalty program designed specifically for hockey associations and teams. This program provides you with the rewards you want and allows you to use them how you want.


Each player receives a free team-branded Total Hockey Silver Breakaway membership card. The cards are provided to the association to deliver to the players. In addition, each player receives a $10 Gift Reward to Total Hockey simply for signing up.

When a player shops at Total Hockey, both the individual and the team earn rewards. The individual receives one point for every $1 spent. Throughout the year, we track the total purchase amount from the individual players as well as the organization and provide the association with a 3% rebate, which can be used in a variety of ways throughout the season.

How can Team Rewards be used?

Team Rewards can be used toward a team purchase (e.g. jerseys, socks, warm-ups, accessories, etc.) throughout the season. In some instances, rewards may also be applied to sponsorships that support the team. The purpose of the program is to reward teams and players for their loyalty to Total Hockey.

Total Hockey recognizes that you and your team choose to shop at Total Hockey and this is one way to show our appreciation for you, our loyal customers.

How much does Team Rewards cost?

The Team Rewards program is FREE. And we reward you just for signing up – 15 days after registration, each player will receive a $10 Gift Reward to Total Hockey via email. There is no catch and no hidden fees. We just need a valid email address and zip code to register each player.

What happens to existing Breakaway Rewards accounts?

If you are currently a Breakaway Rewards member, your current member status (Silver, Gold, Platinum) will not change. Your Breakaway Rewards account number will remain the same. Your account will also now reflect your team name. Every purchase made at Total Hockey will now benefit both the individual player and the entire team.

Ready to start earning Team Rewards or do you have a team sales question? We are here to help.

About Total Hockey Team Sales

Total Hockey Team Sales is dedicated to providing top of the line assistance to teams and associations. Each team or association is assigned a personal Team Sales Manager to assist them with all of their team needs including performance game wear, practice jerseys, personalized warm-ups, pucks, custom helmets, gloves and everything in between.

What does this mean for your team?

Exclusive service, commitment and dedication to your team and complete assistance in satisfying all of your equipment needs. What makes our Team Sales division so exceptional is our ability to offer the highest quality customer service paired with special programs and exclusive discounts. As an Official Sponsor of USA Hockey’s Grow the Game Program, we also offer incentive programs and loyalty benefits that decrease individual player costs. All packages are customized to meet each team's specific needs.