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"My favorite thing about working here is the dedication and the open-mindedness of the staff. Management and colleagues are always ready and willing to try new and innovative ideas, and staff are given the freedom to push the envelope in an attempt to make the company better."

- Mike Bruins, Total Goalie Brand Manager
"I get paid to talk about hockey all day!"

- Dustin Krzyzanoski, Customer Service Representative
"Working at Total Hockey has truly been a great experience. At all levels, Total Hockey is dedicated to supporting youth hockey and has developed innovative strategies designed to grow the game. The atmosphere is fun, exciting and every day is filled with new challenges and opportunities. The best part is waking up every morning excited to go to work!."

-Nick Webb, Customer Service Manager
"Working at Total Hockey has given me the opportunity to interact with our many vendors and learn a lot more about hockey and the industry."

- Amy Wancket, Account Specialist
"Total Hockey is great because your ideas are actually heard, and you feel a real connection with the business. You really do feel like your contributions can better the company, and that is something you don't get with most jobs."

- Bryan McKinney, IT Project Manager
"Total Hockey is a great atmosphere to be in everyday. I look forward to going to work everyday."

- TJ Lachenicht, Account Manager, Team Sales
"The reason I love working for Total Hockey is the creative and team oriented environment."

- June Farley, Creative Content Specialist
"Total Hockey is an enjoyable Company to work for with terrific people and customers. Each day brings new and exciting challenges."

- Denise Pogue, Ecommerce Administrator
Working at Total Hockey means working in a collaborative fast-paced environment alongside innovative teams who are dedicated to providing a unique retail experience both in store and online. The customer is the focus of every opportunity we pursue and every decision we make. We work hard to see success. We strive to Do the Right Thing. As we grow, we continue to look for new enthusiastic members to join our team. Check back often for new career opportunities.